Master Key Experience Week 9

This has been a very difficult week for me.  I have fallen behind with the homework and readings due to being out of town. I have been proud of my self for the readings that I have been able to accomplish although it has not been consistent.  I think the hardest part for me is due to the fact that my work schedule is odd hours being a baker, I usually am not able to watch the webinars until Tuesday morning then constantly playing catch up through out the week.  I usually take my readings a few days later to compensate for the lost time. This week I have felt alone, with not being available to be on any of the live webinars or calls I truthfully have felt lost and alone through this and not sure where to start…..I have stated a few times this week that I want to drop out, it’s not easy to swallow.  I don’t like failing, or giving up, and not to sure what the right path is because I am overwhelmed with the stress and thought of all this work that I am behind on.  So I have now purposely put everything on hold to regroup my thoughts.

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1 thought on “Master Key Experience Week 9

  1. You are not alone, and I hope that you have decided to continue. Be kind to yourself, and start again. Thank you for sharing your honesty here. Abrazos <<>>

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