Master Key Experience Week 11; Of Course!


Although I may be playing catch up, I have one more big one to complete this week!  I am almost there!!! I admit, I wasn’t sure of if I was going to make it.  The Paula Abdul song would get stuck in my head at times, “Two steps forward and one step back” it was a rough month.

Well this has been an awesome week!!!!  When I started this class I had put all of my other recreational books on hold because I was overwhelmed with so much to do.   After deciding to stay at it and do my best I decided to mix it up and listen to one of the books I was rereading this summer Jen Sinceros’ book You Are a Badass: How to Stop Doubting your greatness and Start Living an Awesome Life.


OH…MY!  I picked up where I left off and it was exactly what we were going through!  “Keep your thoughts directed at your goal, DO EVERYTHING you DO KNOW how to make it happen, and DECIDE with UNWAVERING DETERMINATION that it will happen…” I heard this in the first chapter I listen to just after I made the decision to stick to it and start picking up the pieces.


I know and fully believe in the law of attraction and yet sometimes it can be powerful to see it in action.  I am noticing more and more around me linking to other things and showing up in the most amazing of places…. and I have successfully been back to the gym and rebounding every morning while looking at my boards…whoop!  LOVING IT!


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2 thoughts on “Master Key Experience Week 11; Of Course!

  1. Keep linking! Your journey is happening in divine timing!

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  2. “In order to kick ass, you must first lift your foot” love it! Thanks for sharing Ashley


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