Master Key Experience Week 17 Hero’s Journey; WOW

So, I am going to call myself out on the rug here. This week has been a big realization for me.  At the beginning of the week I got a parking ticket because I did not update my license plate registration.  I was so torn and upset about it because I never recieved a notice about updating it.  I was going on and on about how it was wrong and felt like entrapment so the government could make more money, and how I just bought a new car about 9 months ago and then didn’t have my paperwork or old registration. BLAH, BLAH, BLAH.  Wound down for the night woke up and decided to go to the gym because it makes me happy and did my sit in the sauna afterwards. It helped me to let go of my stress and go back to work…. Upon leaving that night I found another ticket on my car! The nerve of them!  Don’t they know that they just gave me a ticket last night…this is sooo wrong!  OH YEAH, I forgot to go to the DMV…..but uhhhhhh! Ok relax I can’t do anything about it at 12am….  Back to the gym and my sit in the sauna and oh yeah I need to leave early to stop at the DMV on the way back to work….. This  and that and oh yeah I forgot that oh crap I have to get ready for work now… SHIT I forgot my lunch!!! Ok NOW I NEED to do IT!  I leave for work early the next day and wait and wait and wait at the DMV for them to tell me that I am not able to get the renewal until after I get an emission test….Great Now I have to get to work!…..Day, one again, Emission testing done…. New registration….gym…sit…. and I realized than that I fell right back into my old blueprint.  I realized that If I kept up with my service card as a visual and if I was keeping better OATS I would have never had this issue.  The main thing I realized was if I just listened to my subby and DO IT NOW most of my mishaps this week would have not happened…… Back to square one and back on track!

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1 thought on “Master Key Experience Week 17 Hero’s Journey; WOW

  1. Adulting sometimes sucks! Don’t be too hard on yourself!❤️


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