Master Key Experience Week 14; I can feel it!

You know how people say that you’ll know when it’s right?  I know it!  I can feel myself vibrating at a different frequency and it feels AMAZING.  I know that I still have a long road ahead of me and I can feel my dreams getting closer and closer to reality.

The other night I saw 2 advertisements that I have never seen before advertising discounted airplane tickets to a place that I have dreamed about going to for years.  It is AMAZING the see this come into my awareness.  This country is pasted all over my vision boards and walls…. With this excitement, I can feel my 2 week tour getting closer and closer!

I find it quite interesting that despite the freezing cold temperatures and the snow, I have found myself waking up earlier and staying up later to do chores. These meaningless chores have become pleasant and easy!  I know that it is out of love and service to others that which makes it mindless!

I will persist until I succeed!


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1 thought on “Master Key Experience Week 14; I can feel it!

  1. So excited for you Ashley!! You have come a long way!!


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